Saturday, June 2, 2012

Carpenè Malvolti Kerner Brut

                                               DOMBEK photo © 2012
Carpenè Malvolti
Kerner Carpene Brut
Veneto, Italia

100% kerner.

I knew I wanted to write about this wine the moment I tasted it.  This is effervescent bliss on the nose ... no, really!  Pale yellow in color, this sparkler has refreshing scents of citrus lime, light floral notes of honeysuckle and mayflower, along with a touch of fruity green apple. It’s as if a trace wave of sea air fills the nostrils.  Vivacious, lively bubbles dance in the glass.  Lush and clean all at once, this wine exhibits minerality with rounder creamy/yeasty notes when it comes down a bit in temperature, but is ultimately lean and dry to a lovely, lingering finish.  Enjoying as an aperitif on one's garden patio or a seaside porch would be an ideal pairing; perhaps while nibbling on smoked salmon and cucumber on crostini, oysters on the half shell, caprese salad of fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil or even lightly battered fried calamari.  I could drink this like there is no tomorrow!  Of course, this is even better shared by two or more!
            DOMBEK photo © 2012

Many may not be familiar with the grape Kerner?  This is an aromatic white hybrid created by crossing the red varietal Trollinger (also known as Schiava) and the white varietal Riesling.  It is most heavily planted in Germany’s Rheinhessen and Pfalz regions, but is also grown in Austria, Switzerland and the Italian province of South Tyrol

Here we find it in the nearby Veneto region of Italy, from winemaker Antonio Spinazzè and the winemaking house of Carpenè Malvolti, one of the oldest and most prestigious houses noted for helping to establish a great Italian winemaking tradition.  It was founded in 1868 by Antonio Carpenè, who reportedly established the first Oenology school in Italy dedicated to the study of grape growing and winemaking. 

Imported by Angelini Wine, Ltd, Centerbrook, CT and brought to us here in Maine by Pine State Beverage Co.  Find it at Old Port Wine Merchants on Commercial St. in Portland for $22.99.


  1. Great description, Lisa! Love the added history on the varietal and wine-making house. Certainly looking forward to giving it a taste!

  2. Excellent Dina ... thanks a bunch for the great feedback!
    Cheers & Enjoy! Lisa

  3. Nice, Lisa. I know I've seen the bottle, though haven't yet tasted it. Will, soon, and hope to get it in at Rosemont.